Charlotte and Mr. Stone again on tour! Please come and see our live shows:

15.11.2013 TREM AZUL – LISBOA



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The International Festival/Competition of Electroacoustic music and Multimedia in Yekaterinburg:


30 October – 3 November 2013 – Ural State Conservatoire (Lenin av., 26)

Charlotte and Mr. Stone will be performing a 40 minute set on Nov. 2nd at 4pm and a 10 minute set on Nov. 3rd at the final gala at 7pm. We are very much looking forward to it!

I cannot be more excited… A few days from now Simon Vincent and I will be on our way to Ekaterinburg in Russia to attend the international festival of electroacoustic music! The exact times are not known yet, but we will be performing on Nov. 2nd and 3rd! Will post more infos as soon as I have them… In the meanwhile, please check our infos here:

Charlotte and Mr. Stone

Charlotte and Mr. Stone

another solo performance

October 10, 2013

I am happy to announce my next solo performance: Friday, October 18th I will be singing some pieces arranged specifically for my loop station. If you’d like to hear a bit of what it might sound like, have a listen here:

The location is one of my favourite cafes in Berlin: CAFE TASSO, Frankfurter Allee 11, 10247 Berlin near Frankfurter Tor.

The concert will start at 8pm and will last for about 60 minutes…



Charlotte and Mr. Stone will be performing yet another set or two of intriguing textural music… Let your brain get a sound massage and relax, wondering through the images that can come up if you get inspired…

This coming Friday, Sept. 27th at 8.30pm:


Lenaustr. 22

12047 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 68 32 44 47

Charlotte and Mr. Stone

Charlotte and Mr. Stone

We have waited two years for this… Our CDs arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. The package is yellow (why not?) and the paper is nice and grainy… Inside there are two little cards with the few lyrics that we have to some of the songs. Some songs are more textural… some are haunting… For thirsty ears, here are the details of our concert:

House of Mirrors

House of Mirrors – “Act One” (out soon on Wismart Records!)

Not static in time or place, the music of House of Mirrors evokes a medieval maze twisting through a myriad of tones and timbres, multiplied, fragmented, and re-sequenced like some devil’s DNA. Peter Van Huffel and Sophie Tassignon’s creations move through the nexus of centuries-old traditions and spur-of-the-moment impulse. Their music is about the world around us and the world within – refracted and reflected. Outside, the leaves in “Blätter” flutter and point – as if warning of a predator’s stealthy arrival – presaging a stillness that is both peaceful and breathtaking. Within, there’s jazz, there’s the 20th century chamber music of Schoenberg and Webern, and the contrapuntal free improv of Bailey, Parker, and von Schlippenbach. The old stones in this garden speak of long-lost Eastern European folk tunes, the Weimar cabaret of Weill and Brecht, and of the tales of a forest canopy and the burrowing creatures beneath.

House of Mirrors reshapes and reconfigures time, geography, music itself. Therein lies the beauty. This is music that will turn with you – or turn on you – making something very palpable and all too real out of nothing just as easily as it collapses from a complete architecture into dusty nothingness.

Text by Dave Wayne, Santa Fe, NM
Thank you to Dave Wayne for having written such a beautiful text about our music, which we will be performing on Thursday, Aug. 15th at a very cool space in Berlin: Naherholung Sternchen! And following us will be a tremendous trio from Brooklyn, New York called VAX.

House of Mirrors is also just gearing up for our CD release show in September, and copies of the new disc have already arrived! So for anyone who makes it out Thursday, you will already be able to get an advanced copy of the new recording for only 10€!!!

Full details as follows:

Thursday, August 15th @ 20:00

Set 1 – House of Mirrors:
Sophie Tassignon – voice, compositions

Peter Van Huffel – clarinet, saxophone, compositions
Julie Sassoon – piano
Set 2 – VAX (Brooklyn, NY):
Patrick Breiner – saxophone
Liz Kozak – keys
Devin Gray – drums
Naherholung-Sternchen is located at:
Berolinastraße 7
10178 Berlin / Mitte
(Ubhf- Schillingstraße
hinter Kino International / Rathaus Mitte)
PLEASE NOTE: There is an error on the Naherholung-Sternchen website. If you look on the listing for the date, it says that Gorilla Mask is performing, but this is NOT the case! We have requested that the website be updated properly, so we hope this error will be fixed soon!
house_of_mirrors_13 copy

April 23, 2013

I’m listening back to the recording of last Sunday’s concert with Simon Vincent and I can hear now how the music came out for the audience. When I’m preforming this music, my attention is so focussed on my instrument, what Simon is creating and what has to come next, that I cannot always hear it the same way as if I relax in a chair and focus only on the results. What stroke me the most was when our textures created simultaneously a sound of a hundred bells ringing for a while, taking the listener into a very dense and haunting atmosphere. I really like that part. Also a lot of new bird sounds came out and pure melodic lines. Sometimes the abstract chords moved into very harmonious spaces. I’m very much looking forward to our tour in South of France and North of Spain. We will be performing in the following places:

May 2nd: AUCH (F) – Merle Moqueur

May 3rd: MIRANDE (F) – Café Glacier

May 4th: LE BURGAUD (F) – Café du Burgaud

May 5th: RIVIERES (F) - La Javanaise

May 6th: MONTPELLIER (F) – Villa des 100 Regards

May 7th: MONTPELLIER (F) – Villa des 100 Regards

May 8th: BILBAO (Basque Country) – Larraskito

In preparation to our tour in South of France and North of Spain starting May 1st, Simon Vincent and I will be performing at the Kammermusiksaal Friedenau this coming Sunday, April 21st at 5pm.

We will introduce the music we will be performing to give an insight in our techniques…

Kammermusiksaal Friedenau Isoldestraße 9
12159 Berlin
S+U Bundesplatz 

Charlotte and Mr. Stone

Charlotte and Mr. Stone

Coming together in April 2009 to record their first material, Sophie Tassignon (voice/loopstation) and Simon Vincent (electronics) present in their debut album “Trees and Birds and Beautiful Things” a highly personal and distinctive musical language comprising stunning soundscapes, deep, resonant and granular textures. Their music is at once dynamic and electronic yet also highly lyrical and at times even romantic, displaying the command that both have of their respective instruments.

CHARLOTTE & MR STONE is truly a duo as you’ve never heard before. Sophie Tassignon possesses a voice that is rich and beautiful, and equally as capable of producing the most haunting and eerie sounds. Using electronic loops she has the ability to weave together and layer her own voice to create everything from orchestral sounds to complex layers of atonal and polyrhythmic colours. Her partner in crime, electroacoustic musician Simon Vincent is a master in his profession and proves the perfect match to Tassignon’s manner of instant composition.

There debut album is available now on VISIONOFSOUND records. 



Yesterday morning, Susanne Folk and I performed with our wonderful band FOLK TASSIGNON in Nürnberg. We had a great time and are very much looking forward to our next concert in April in Braunschweig!

In the mean time I am preparing my solo performance. I will be singing at the B-Flat here in Berlin on Sunday, March 3rd at 9pm. This is a special program which I have been working on in order to use my loop station techniques and sing songs that have always moved me. I will be accompanying myself on the piano for a few tunes as well…. Joni Mitchell is on the menu, a few pieces of mine, some Björk, and a lot of different things…

After my set I have the pleasure to announce Andy Scofield’s beautiful sax quartet  featuring:

Andy Scofield: alto and soprano saxophone
Peter Van Huffel: alto and soprano saxophone
Suzanne Higgins: tenor saxophone
Lothar Ohlmeier: bass clarinet.

Hope to see many of you at this very special show!



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